Software Review: EaseUs Todo Backup Software

Hello everyone, today we will be looking up a software review on EaseUs Todo Backup Software for windows. EaseUs Todo Backup is an excellent hard drive backup software your windows computer. You will get this program 100% free in every possible way. You can see the homepage of EaseUs Todo Backup software which basically gives you all the features like backuping your partitions, your whole drives or separate files that you store on local, external drives or any other medium. You can also see a paid version which gives you actual support options from the software developers.

So, by continuing our review we will be going to see some more features of this software. You will see that everything is layout in a very easy way in EaseUs Todo Backup software. If you want to do in a particular you can do it. As this is a backup program so most people will like to backup their stuffs. Now in backing up your system you will get 3 different options. You can backup individual drives or partition, individual files and folders, or you can backup your entire computer.



For this tutorial I will be showing you how to backup your individual files and folders. So, as you go with this option the very first thing which is to be done is to give a name and description for your backup. When you done with this you have to simply click next button. Another thing which comes ahead is choosing the individual files and folders that is to be backup from your system. The next thing which comes is saving your file to a location. You should save your file to a simple location such as desktop etc. You can also adjust your compression rates, password, you can split your backup in multiple files, priority, notification as your backup process get completed and can adjust network transfer speed if you are doing network backup.

You can easily backup your any of the files within 5 minutes ( depends on file size ). Now this is great so if you do it with a entire system backup their will be one particular file. If you accidently delete this file you can backup that file again from EaseUs Todo Backup.

I will recommend you EaseUs Todo Backup software if you want to keep your files secure or want to prevent them from accidental deletion. Recovery option allows you to what you have to recover from your computer and it will again take a couple minute to go.

The most lovely feature which I had liked in EaseUs Todo Backup is tools option. This option allows you to check your backup data whether it is secured or not. Like this you will get 4 more options which are disc tools, Enable PreOs, Bootable media Builder, Mount/unmount, Convert image.

The next thing which comes that if you have so many backups and want to delete some backups so you can go to backup management option and can delete unwanted backup files.

That’s all with the review of EaseUs backup software. Hope that you have enjoyed a lot and if you have any type of problem regarding this topic you can comment in the comment box provided below…

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