Why SEO Is Important For Bloggers

In today’s technology world nothing is impossible for anyone. As the development in technology increases market competition too increases. Today we mostly are aware about the internet and its uses. But sometimes I think how the information which I require gets fed on the internet. Is there any person sitting behind the internet who by seeing my query replies me? As there is no. of questions arising in our mind in our day to day scheduled dealing with technology. This article will help you in understanding the term SEO Search Engine Optimization and what are its importance. By listening word SEO our brain get stuck and start thinking about SEO what SEO is? Is it some type of Internet or something else?

The short form of Search Engine Optimization is SEO. Whenever you enter your queries or you doubts in the search engine box and after hitting enter you get no. of websites lists showing  its result which contains that query terms. Usually most visitors visit top sites of the list as they are more trusted and reliable. It targets different kinds of search which include image search, academic search, Video search, Blog search, etc. It is a process of structuring an attractive web page so that the website can be easily found by the search engines and read by the web searchers in the most efficient manner.

Why is SEO Important

Consider what would happen if nobody could easily find the location of your business, or even your personal cell number. In such type of situation no business will stand in the market. If such things happen to you than a valued customer will also don’t know that you are surviving in the market and this can make a big loss to your business. Certainly existing member and already family member may find your websites but what about others. SO for the world to know that you are surviving in the market you have to list your business website at SEO.

Now the next question arises is how does the search engine work?


About Search Engine there are hardly people who are aware and it’s sure it can be only known to operator of the search engine because it’s very closely held confidential information. It works on the principle of more you pay to the operator the top your site will be listed. By listing your site on top is not enough your site too must contain valuable information so the reader could remember your site and come again and again. You may have noticed there are many various search engines which list with small results. From these some of the pages will direct you to other pages or links or directly redirected to other sites. The main aim of the owners of such types of pages is to get direct contact with customers, no matter what they have to do for it.

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While listing your websites in Search Engines the following points should be avoided.

  • Do not generate automatically doorway pages;
  •  False redirects must be avoided;
  • Don’t use irrelevant words in pages;
  • Duplicate contents on many pages of the website should be avoided;
  • Misspelled website should be avoided;
  • Don’t use unrelated link in the site.

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